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Let the team at Atlanta Flooring Design Centers install your beautiful new flooring. 

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Review Your Installation Checklist

Preparing Your Home For Installation

- Remove and box all items from furniture to bemoved.

- Remove all hanging objects from the walls directly in and around the area of installation. Vibrations from the installation may cause damage to these objects.

-Disconnect and move any electronics, appliances, & computers.

- If flooring is to be installed in the closet, remove all contents on floor & low hanging objects.

- Our installers are not responsible for damage to valuables present. They must be removed.

Work Environment

- Our installers will need access to an area where they can store and cut flooring materials during the course of an installation. This area is typically a back porch or a car garage.

- Our installers will need access to electrical power in the installation & storage area.

- The interior temperature of the installation area must be at a minimum of 65 F 48 hours prior to the installation and 48 hours after installation.