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Ravishing in Alluring

Color: Alluring
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“Ravishing”….the name says it all. This alluring new beauty was inspired by the most plush velvet fabrics, targeting the new Glamor Trends happening in Home Fashion. “Ravishing” is constructed of a fine denier Luxurell yarn with a pencil point tip definition, which is sheared to perfection, bringing your customer a tantalizing new product that can be used wall to wall or bordered for a magnificent rug. Featuring a color statement like none other…50 Luxurious colors which serve to enhance this captivating new introduction, range from the whitest white to a wide range of deep rich moody deep hues found at the latest Paris Home Fashion shows. Masland’s new “Ravishing” will undoubtedly take your breath away.

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  • Brand: Masland Carpets
  • Fiber Type: Envision® Nylon

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